About the Southern Indiana Unit

The Southern Indiana website is the official website for the Southern Indiana Unit (044) of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International.
The Southern Indiana Unit is part of Region 5. The other Units in Region 5 are Kentucky, Central Indiana, Indiana, Illinois Lincolnland and Northern Illinois. WBCCI is made up of 11 other Regions and a total of 126 Units.
Membership in the Southern Indiana Unit is from southern Indiana south of an east-west line from Bloomington south and from Western Kentucky.
The Southern Indiana Unit began the year 2011 with 27 regular members and 5 affiliate members. So far this year it has added one new member.

Membership in the Southern Indiana Unit is diverse, consisting of all ages, backgrounds and interests. What the members do have in common is a love of travel, adventure and making new friends along the way.
If you own an Airstream trailer of motorhome the Southern Indiana Unit encourages you to become a member of the Unit and be a part of the Fun Fellowship and Adventure.